Monday, November 13, 2006

Working Through People, Part 4

Working through others depends on their empowerment. It also depends on clear definition of the vision and clear directions along the way. If you depend on those whom you lead to follow this model, then empowerment is essential. Let go of things that others can do. Help them develop the skills to do these tasks if they do not have all the skills necessary. Build their skills, as they are able to learn. Encourage, nurture, coach and let go. Let them put their personal stamp on the work. Use their ideas, as they apply to the vision. Do not discount their contributions, even if these ideas are not exactly what you would have done. They will do it differently. Get over it. Delegate and transform. As they develop ownership in the project, they will develop their own momentum.

Be sure to reinforce good work and acknowledge results. Celebrate their contributions. If they do not have all the information, knowledge or skills to pull off the objective, give them some of yours. Contribute to their success in any way that you can. It’s not about your achievement it’s about their journey towards transformation. Your achievement is wrapped-up with their success.

Transformation is not an event - it is a process. You are not a dictator you are an enabler, a coach and a Transformational Leader. Those who have experienced transformation will impact the world in which the live, work and worship.

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