Monday, November 06, 2006

The root of the word transform

Examine at the word Transform. It is not merely change, or we would use that word. It is a verb with an expanded vision and is much more transcendent. It implies a deeper, more fundamental alteration of our very form. (trans – form) The continuing process of transformation begins with the moment of inspiration and continues in us through times of action, rest and reflection.


Shelley Reel said...

While many of us work hard to encourage our teams, we still can bump up against that one who will fight us every step of the way. This puts a pall over the entire team who then can be afraid of suggesting something new, knowing what comments will be made. While I am an innovative leader, it causes one to step back and say "Why bother..."

Hugh Ballou said...

Shelley, thanks for your comment on real life struggles. You can influence those around you in the organization with your leadership. If you cannot be a good influence to them for whatever reason, it might just be time to look at moving to another situation. Some organizations are in a cycle of dysfunctional behavior and it may take a strong crisis or other major event to make a necessary change. Meanwhile, even if you don't think you are making a difference, you might be. Be the best are your job, do not expect perfection from others and give God your best. Always!