Saturday, June 16, 2007

Foundations for Transformational Leadership

Building strong foundations is key for the Transformational Leader. In order to succeed, it is crucial to know what you want. To know what you want, it is important to know who you are and what you value. The worksheets in this section provide a format for discovery and planning. Start where you are by first identifying the current reality. Identify what you value before going on to structure your Vision and Mission. Once these steps are complete, then it’s time to identify specific goals and write them down.
Another other key factor is: winners don’t work in a vacuum. The concept of a “Mastermind Alliance,” developed by Napoleon Hill in 1937, is still as valuable today as it was then. Hill interviewed numerous successful leaders and constructed his theory of success.

Permission is given to copy the worksheets. Copy and use them for drafts before making a final version. Copy and update them each year. A five-year plan remains relevant if it is revised and updated each year. It is an organic model that remains five years in the future each year as it is revised. Do not fill out these worksheets and put them away where they will be forgotten. Put them in a place that will provide a prompting to view them on a regular schedule. Major goals may be important enough to view each and every morning! Keep these positive affirmations in the front of your thinking constantly. Believe it can be accomplished and it will!

Delve deep for rich and complete thoughts using specific language. Know what you want. Identify it exactly. Then you will know how to get there. Use the objectives section to articulate “baby steps” toward your goal. Don’t get discouraged by a big picture goal that seems too big. Give yourself small steps and celebrate accomplishing each one of them!

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